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Underboss Jason Haynes of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel will hire Dr. Diana Fleming to help investigate recent Chupacabra sightings. The cartel inquires into the recent backpacker, and drug loss on transports to the USA border. When Jason Haynes goes missing, Dr. Fleming is left alone in the Mexican Desert.


The cartel will locate Dr. Fleming, and attempt to kidnap her. Dr. Fleming with only the cellphone of Jason Haynes is forced to call the twin brother of Jason " John Haynes " to rescue her from the cartel, and secret monsters of the Mexican Desert. Will John Haynes get to Mexico from Texas in time to save Dr. Fleming, and find his brother? Or will the Chupacabra, and secrets of the Mexican desert get them all!

Amazon Release 3/1/2020


© 2019 by Ashley Hays - Wright. Created with God's vision.

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