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Paris Cinema Award Winner ( Best Inspirational Film )

Based on the amazing true story of Rich & Susan Kollenberg. A

life story of abuse, drugs, jail, and love to redemption. The movie

is filmed in the amazing quality of the Red Digital Cinema Camera,

and a soundtrack from Award Winning Songwriter Rich Kollenberg.


The movie includes two bonus music videos at the end of the credits. The

Kollenberg's also share with you contact information for help if you or

someone close to you is trapped in an addiction, and need help. Join us

from the Radio Studio to the true life events of this amazing story.


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In a small coastal town Bigfoot is sighted, and children go missing. The town's Police Chief is fired, leaving only the Sheriff. When the Sheriff goes missing, the town's only hope is in Chief Harrison to battle the beast. He finds himself without his weapons and must go hand to hand with Bigfoot. Will his strength in God and training be enough to save the children?


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CFF 2021 6 Award Winners

A little girl struggles with the loss of her mother, and re-evaluates her own salvation. She tries reaching out to her father about what it means to be saved, but he is too lost in his own grief to realize she is struggling with questions about the afterlife. He plans a trip to see the blood moon and doesn’t realize he will be getting much more than he bargained for. The Rapture. Who will be caught up, and who will be left behind? Are YOU ready? 

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Austin International Award Winner 2021

A small town will have visitors from another world. The town begins to panic. The sheriff will have to solve the mystery of why many people are going missing. He will have to keep the press, and the town in the dark until he can find the answer. Will he protect the town, and his daughter from the visitors who are whispering in the darkness? Or will his daughter protect him?


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A lonely woman receives a golden doodle as a gift for Christmas. A single father is struggling to raise his daughter after a traumatic Christmas the year prior. In this heartwarming journey the Christmas doodle will have them cross paths for Christmas. 

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Dove Approved All Ages

On this homeschool Quest DVD, 3 homeschoolers guide you on a cinematic learning adventure on each episode. In this season, they will be visiting great historic sites, and parks throughout the great state of Maine. They will be learning about history, wildlife, bible facts, geology, and science. Join the Wright sisters on a fun adventure of learning, and laughing. Reality TV will meet learning in this educational, and entertaining season.


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NYC Movie Awards / Prague International Finalist
A couple will seek out peace and solitude after the loss of their baby. They will search for a new life in the wilderness of Maine. While exploring a remote property, the wife will be taken by a vicious beast. The husband will have to search the dark wilderness for his wife, or her remains. Will he rescue his wife, or will they both be killed by the wild beast. Are you willing to die for love?


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CFF 2022 Best Teen Actress
CFF 2022 Best Actress & Actor
CFF 2022 Best Feature Film
Paris Cinema Awards 2022 Best Inspirational Film

An isolated woman trapped by fear will find a handyman sent by God. 
He will try to fix more than her barn doors. In this romantic comedy you will laugh and cry. When love comes knocking, Will fear keep her imprisoned Or will she take a step towards freedom?

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New 2022 Release
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One girl in a small remote village will lose her last 

living relative and have to manage the farm on her 

own. She is haunted by a creature in the woods, and 

havoc begins to spread throughout the village of Fear Falls.


A village named after a tragic beginning, will now be faced 

with a new fear. The Pastor is forced to take up a new job 

as the Sheriff and investigate a mysterious death. Will the

village be devoured by fear? 


This is a spooky film for Christian Families with a 

Powerful Message on Fear.