The Wright family is on a mission to bring safe family entertainment to the world. We

built our foundation on Jesus Christ, and are driven by Matt 6:22. We have accepted our mantle of spreading the word of God, and encouraging others beyond the 4 walls to one of the largest battlefields in the world ( The Screen ). We are the least, and started creating projects with no budget. God showed us that the budget would not matter. He showed us that with faith, and sowing all that we had into glorifying Him, that He would provide, and do the impossible. With no return, and giving all we had out of pocket we did not give up. At times our faith would grow weak, but God would send a miracle each time to keep us in the race. We church planted, and served God in many other areas, but never knew we would have a film ministry.


If we all could just give the Lord a chance, and just believe in the impossible, believe miracles can still happen in this age, He will show up in a major way. We have never had any film schooling or acting lessons. We did not know how to operate a camera, and we did not have the funds to buy anything. We are just a humble family, and the least of them all. But God, and His strength has been shown in our weakness. In two years with God knocking giants down, and His vision, wisdom, power, and dominion we are now an official award winning film company. We give all credit to our Lord Jesus Christ for it all. We thank everyone for the support as we grow, and learn. We will continue to give all we have to our film ministry, and hope we can replace the darkness that is entering into your body with light, with a cleaner option for the entire family. We may have a few fun titles mixed into our ministry catalog, but you can count on it being family friendly, and safe for all ages. If we can replace the cursing, gore, nudity, and promotion of evil, with another option on movie night, then we do our job. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime. God Bless You!   ( Matt 6:22 )






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Wright Family Films agrees to terms with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. They have been amazing.
Wright Family Films has completed The Rapture Diaries Film Series.
6 Awards At The
CFF Festival 2021!
Cadence Wright LA Film Awards Winner 2020