The Wright family first started filming while living off-grid in the mountains. They went to get away from the world. They were searching for peace. They started filming as a means of entertaining themselves, because they no longer had internet, t.v, or movies. Little did they know that God would call them back from their solitude to bring a message to the people. They have a call for obedience, and spreading the word of God. The films were touching people, and it inspired them to continue. With no budget, and no clue on filming, God guided them. They film everything unscripted so that God is always available to speak during certain scenes.

"God has shown up everytime we were in the middle of filming. I always get excited, and say that wasn't me, that was the Holy Spirit!" We leave the script up to God, each day seeking His message through the word. During times of block we pray for the next scene, and He has always provided. With God anything is possible. You don't need a degree to serve Him...just a willingness." -Ashley Hays Wright






10  /  12  /  2020

03/  12 /  2021

03/ 10 /.2021

10  /  30  /  2020

Wright Family Films agrees to terms with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. They have been amazing.
Wright Family Films has completed The Rapture Diaries Film Series.
" Just Lean " Christian Film Festival VA Winner!
Cadence Wright LA Film Awards Winner 2020